Some Important Full Form Related to Computer for various Exams. 

Some Important Full Form Related to Computer for various Exams. Important full forms for various Exams. Computer GK

1.DMA = Direct Memory Access

2.ISA = Industry standard Architecture 


3.ISA =Instruction Set Architecture

4.AGP = Accelerated Graphics Port

5.PCI = Peripheral component interconnection

6.DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

7.NNTP- Network News Transfer Protocol

8.GIF = Graphics Interchange Format.

9.UDP= User Datagram Protocol

10.SGML – Standard Generalized Markup Language

11.DTD = Document Type Definition

12.USB = Universal Serial Bus

13.MPEG- Moving Picture Experts Group

14.DTP= Desktop Publishing

15.UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply

16.DLL = Dynamic Link Library

17.COM = Component Object Model


18.COM =Communications or Communications Port

19.EDIFACT= Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport

20.POP= Point of Presence

21.POP = Post office protocol

22.FDDI = Fiber Distributed Data Interface

23.MBR = Master Boot Record

24.MAC- Media Access Control Address

25.NAT= Network Address Translation

26.MSI= Medium scale Integration

27.PDA= Personal Digital Assistants

28.SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

29.IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol

30.PNG = Portable Network Graphics

31.DMA = Direct Memory Access

32.EMI = Electromagnetic Interference

33.RFI= Radio Frequency Interference


34.RFI= Request For Information

35.SMPS- Switch mode power supply.

36.DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

37.DNS=Domain Name System

38.NOS = Network Operating System

39.MAC = Macintosh Operating System


40.MAC= Media Access Control Address

41.JSON = JavaScript Object Notation.

42.DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol


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