Most Important 200 One Word Substitution for SSC and Various Exams. Part 2


1.  A pen for small animals – Hutch (पिंजरा)

2. One who walks in sleep- Somnambulist (नींद में चलनेवाला)

3. A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of a drama – Epilogue (उपसंहार)

4. One who loves books – Bibliophile (पुस्तक प्रेमी)

5. A person who broadcasts something alive. -Commentator (टीकाकार)

6. A set of terms. – Ultimatum (अंतिम शर्त)

7. Bearing young by eggs. – Oviparous (अंडज)

8. Scarcity of food. – Famine (अकाल)

9. Fear of being in open space. – Agoraphobia (खुली जगह से भय)

10. Fear of books. – Bibliophobia (पुस्तकों से भय/पुस्तकद्वेषी)

11. To throw or drop unnecessary goods of fuel from a ship, an aircraft, a spacecraft etc. – Jettison (माल प्रक्षेपण, फेंक देना)

12. To free from the confines of something to liberate from. -Emancipate (मुक्त या उद्धार करना)

13. A short but pithy and weighty saying, a short witty phrase. – Epigram (छोटी कविता/चुटकुला)

14. That which is all inclusive. – Exhaustive (थकाने वाला)

15. Not refined and fluent but full of jerky movements. – Erratic (सनकी/अनियमित/अविश्वसनीय)

16. That which tries to side-track the main issue by irrelevance. – Evasive (टालमटोल करने वाला)

17. A state of mental weariness form of occupation.  – Ennui (खिन्नता/ऊब)

18. Fear of snakes.- Ophiophobia (साँपों में भय)

19. Strong dislike between two persons – Antipathy (दुर्भावना)

20. Sum of money to be paid for freeing a per. son from captivity – Ransom (रिहाईधन, फिरौती)

21. Book giving information about every branch of knowledge- Encyclopaedia (विश्वकोश)

22. Large number of insects, birds etc. moving about- Swarm (झुण्ड बनाकर घूमना)

23. Fear of home surroundings. – Ecophobia (घर के चारों ओर की चीजों से भय)

24. Fond of much alcoholic drink. – Bibulous (शराबी)

25. Number of things or portions close together without order or arrangement – Huddle (जमघट)

26. The equality of being faithful – Fidelity (ईमानदारी)

27. A large food basket with a cover – Hamper (टोकरा)

28. One who spends money extravagantly – Spendthrift (अतिव्ययी)

29. As opposed to realistic, imagined not real. – Fictitious (काल्पनिक/मनगढ़ंत)

30. Extremely showy and colourful personality; valuable and verbose speech. – Flamboyant (दिखावा करने वाला)

31. One who is not orthodox. – Heterodox (नास्तिक/धर्म विरुद्ध)

32. One who generously acts for the welfare and amelioration of mankind. – Humanitarian (मानव प्रजाति से प्रेम करने वाला)

33. One who cannot be soothed or calmed or near pacified. – Implacable (जिसे संतुष्ट न किया जा सके/कठोरं)

34. A list of books and writings of an author. – Bibliography (ग्रंथी-सूची)

35. A disease widely epidemic. – Pandemic (देशव्यापी महामारी)

36. An animal that creeps/crawls and lays eggs. – Reptile (रेंगने वाला प्राणी)

37. Coloring matter of green part of plants. – Chlorophyll (पर्णहरित)

38. That which cannot be put into practice. -Impracticable (असाध्य/दुष्कर)

39. To accuse or charge a person with a crime in

40. due form of law. – Indict (अपराध या दोष लगाना)

41. That which cannot be easily imitated or copied. – Inimitable (जिसकी नकल न की जा सके)

42. A personal peculiarity of temperament or constitution. – Idiosyncrasy (मानसिक प्रवृत्ति की विशेषावस्था)

43. Tendency to grow downwards. – Geotropism (अधोमुख बढ़ने की प्रवृत्ति)

44. One who lives in seclusion with thoughts of God.- Hermit (साधु सन्यासी)

45. One who expresses ideas which are not in keeping with conventional religious teaching. – Heretic (धर्म विरोधी)

46. A man who is easily irritated and loses temper.  – Irritable (शीघ्र कुद्ध होने वाला)

47. A country or a people or community which is in open revolt or rebellion. – Insurgent (बागी/विद्रोही, क्रांतिकारी)

48. Wild and noisy disorder – Pandemonium (कोलाहल)

49. Put under the surface of water. – Submerge (पानी में डुबोना)

50. Put off for a future time. – Postpone/procrastinate (स्थगित करना)

51. Put into the form of a code. – Codify (संकेतबद्ध करना)

52. Pull out of usual shape. – Distort (विकृत करना, तोड़ना)

53. Public merry making and feasting. – Carnival (आनंदोत्सव, मनोरंजक मेला)

54. Public activity which take place in a very elaborate, colourful and expensive way. – Extravaganza (अतिशयी नाटक)

55. Producing a lot of books or other things. – Prolific (अतिफल देने वाला)

56. Process of sewing designs on cloth or other materials. – Embroidery (कशीदाकारी)

57. Habit of independent thought. – Individualism (व्यक्तिवाद)

58. Prevention of loss, waste, damage. – Conservation(संरक्षण)

59. Prevent from being carried out. – Circumvent (लागू न होने देना)

60. Marriage of God.- Theogamy (ईश विवाह)

61. Gust of wind. – Draught (हवा का झोंका)

62. Handwriting that can be easily read. – Legible (पढ़ने योग्य)

63. Government run by a dictator. – Dictatorship ( तानाशाही)

64. Government by person of highest social order- Aristocracy (कुलीन तंत्र)

65. Government by the rich and the powerful class. – Plutocracy (धनिकतंत्र)

66. Government by elected representatives with- out a monarch. – Republic (गणतंत्र)

67. Government by divine laws. – Theocracy (धर्मतंत्र)

68. Government by a king/queen. -Monarchy (राजतंत्र)

69. Governing body of a university. – Senate (अधिसभा)

70. Hater of learning. – Misologist (शिक्षाद्वेषी)

71. Imaginary ailments (disease). – Hypochondria (काल्पनिक बीमारी)

72. Offering made to God. – Oblation (बलि, आहूति, चढ़ावा)

73. Gathering of all things. – Omnibus (सर्वसंग्रह)

74. An official announcement issued to the press. – Communique (सरकारी घोषणा)

75. An official counting of the population. – Census (जनगणना)

76. One who abstains from alcoholic drinks – Teetotaler (महात्यागी)

77. A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area – Embankment (तटबंध)

78. Information gathering activity – Reconnaissance (सर्वेक्षण, प्राथमिक परीक्षा)

79. The sound of a funeral bell – Knell (शोक सूचक घण्टे की ध्वनि)

80. One who attacks. -Assaulter/ Assailant (आक्रमणकारी/हमलावर)

81. A garland of flowers. – – Wreath (पुष्पाहार/माला)

82. Animal that feeds on plants- Herbivorous (शाकाहारी)

83. A number of stars grouped together – Constellation (तारामण्डल)

84. Lasting only for a very short while – Temporary (क्षणिक)

85. Member of a tribe that wanders from place to place with no fixed home- Nomad (खानाबदोश, बंजारा)

86. A person who readily believes others – Credulous (सहज विश्वासी)

87. The study of physical life or living matter- Physiology (शरीरविज्ञान)

88. A book of names and addresses – Directory (निर्देशिका)

89. An associate in crime- Accomplice (सहकारी)

90. One who is beyond reform – Incorrigible (असुधार्य)

91. Science of diseases – Pathology (रोगविज्ञान)

92. One who secretly listens to the talk of oth- ers – Eavesdropper (छिपकर बातें सुननेवाला)

93. One who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a State – Anarchist (अराजकतावादी)

94. One who practices one of the fine arts – Artist (कलाकार)

95. A Person who loves wealth and spends as little money as possible- Miser (कंजूस)

96. Found all over the world – Universal (सर्वव्यशपी)

97. State of anxiety or dismay causing mental confusion – Consternation (घबराहट)

98. A mild or indirect expression substituted for an offensive or harsh one – Euphemism (मृदुभाषा)

99. The murder of parent or a near relative- Parricide (पिता का वध)

100. Animals who live in herds – Gregarious (संघचारी)

101. A broad road bordered with trees – Boulevard (मुख्य मार्ग)

102. Violation of something holy or sacred – Sacrilege (अपवित्रीकरण)

103. Simple, fast-spreading plant without flow- ers or leaves, which can often cause disease – Fungus (कवक)

104. One who is greedy – Avaricious (लालची)

105. An area of land that is controlled by a ruler – Dominion (अधिराज्य)

106. A place where Jews worship according to their religion – Synagogue (यहूदी उपासना गृह)

107. The study of religion and religious ideas and beliefs – Theology (धर्मशास्त्र)

108. Dissection of a dead body to find out the cause of death – Autopsy (शव परीक्षा)

109. A person without training or experience in a field or a subject – Novice (नया)

110. An event which happens once in seven years. – Septennial ( सात साल में एक होने वाली घटना)

111. An event which happens once in eight years. – Octennial (आठ साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना)

112. An event which happens once in ten year. – Decennial (दस साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना)

113. One who makes a scientific study of language. -Linguist (अनेक भाषाओं का ज्ञाता)

114. A person who lives on vegetables. – Vegetarian (शाकाहारी)

115. One who drives an aeroplane. – Pilot/Aeronaut (पायलट/वायुयान चलाने वाला)

116. The bony framework of the body. – Skeleton (कंकाल)

117. A book giving information on every department of knowledge in alphabetical order. – Encyclopaedia (विश्व-ज्ञान-कोष)
Words opposite in meaning. – Antonym (विलोम शब्द)

118. Word similar in meaning. – Synonym (समानार्थक शब्द)

119. A building in which dead bodies are burnt. -Crematorium (शवदाह गृह)

120. A building in which soldiers live. – Barrack (बैरक/सैनिकों के रहने का मकान)

121. Assembly of listeners. – Audience (श्रोतागण)

122. A person who plays violin. – Violinist (सारंगी बजाने वाला)

123. An area of land planted with grapes. – Vineyard ( अंगूर उद्यान)

124. That which can be heard. – Audible (श्रव्य)

125. That which can be seen. – Visible (दृष्टिगोचर)

126. Belief that God is in everything and that everything is God – Pantheism (सर्वेश्वरवाद)

127. Plans and promises which are declared by a candidate before the people in election. – Manifesto (घोषणा पत्र)

128. A disease that is found regularly in a particular place. – Endemic (खास स्थान पर होने वाली बीमारी)

129. A disease that affects many people at the same place and time. – Epidemic (महामारी/संक्रामक रोग)

130. A portable radio set. – Transistor (ध्वनिविस्तारक यंत्र)

131. A man or woman who has no sexual experience. – Virgin ( कुमार/कुमारी जिसने सम्भोग न किया हो)

132. A company of persons such as pilgrims, merchants making a journey together for safety. – Caravan (काफिला कारवाँ)

133. One who stays away from school without permission – Truant (आवारा, बेकार घूमने वाला)

134. The act of killing a whole group of people, especially a whole race – Genocide (नरसंहार/जातिसंहार)

135. The people living next door bought a new car. – Neighbours (पड़ोसी)

136. I have a problem with my eye. I want to consult an eye specialist. – Ophthalmologist (नेत्र चिकित्सक)

137. Although unwilling to do so, he came to the conclusion that no other scheme is practicable. -Reluctant (अनिच्छुक)

138. Fit to be chosen – Eligible (योग्य)

139. Possessing unlimited powers – Omnipotent (सर्वशक्तिमान)

140. He is a doctor who is a specialist in skin diseases – Dermatologist (त्वचा विशेषज्ञ)

141. Quick to judge and understand. – Perspicacious (कुशाग्र बुद्धि वाला)

142. Question or problem difficult to answer or understand. -Puzzle/Riddle/Enigma (पहेली/कठिन प्रश्न)

143. Unrelated to the subject – Irrelevant (अप्रासंगिक)

144. An animal or plant living in or upon an other – Parasite (परजीवी)

145. Complete change of form- Transformation (कायापलट)

146. Pertaining to horses – Equine (अश्वीय, घोडे समान)

147. Scale used for measuring the strength of an earthquake – Richter Scale

148. A person who is fluent in two languages – Bilingual (द्विभाषी)

149. A remedy for all diseases – Panacea (रामबाण दवा)

150. One who eats human flesh – Cannibal (नरभक्षी)

151. The plants and vegetation of a region – Flora (वनस्पतिजात)

152. Aggressively self-assured – Assertive (हठघमी)

153. Give tit for tat. – Retaliate (प्रतिशोध लेना)

154. Departure of many people. – Exodus (बहिर्गमन)

155. A journey by sea. Voyage ( समुदी- यात्रा)

156. A judgement of a court. – Decree (फैसला)

157. A legal advisor. – Solicitor (कानूनी सहलाकार)

158. Hundredth anniversary. – Centenary (100वां वर्षगाँठ)

159. A chemical used for surface cleaning. – Detergent (डिटरजेंट)

160. A door which opens into rooms by a narrow passage. – Corridor (गलियारा/रास्ता)

161. A lover of good meals. – Gourmand (पेट/भोजनप्रेमी)

162. A person who brings goods illegally. – Smuggler (तस्कर)

163. A person who purchases goods from a shop. – Customer (ग्राहक)

164. A person who interviews someone. – Interviewer (साक्षात्कार लेनेवाला)

165. A person who is authorized to execute a legal deed.- Executor (कार्यपालक)

166. A person who always reads books. – Bookworm (किताबी कीड़ा)

167. A person who is appointed to carry out the provisions of one’s will. – Executor (मृतक के इच्छा पत्र का उत्तर साधक)

168. The act of killing one’s brother.- Fratricide (भ्रातृहत्या)

169. A person who travels in space. – Astronaut (अंतरिक्षयात्री)

170. A person who travels to a holy place. – Pilgrim (तीर्थयात्री)

171. That which cannot be read.- Illigible (अस्पष्ट)

172. A person who walks. – Pedestrian (पैदल चलनेवाला व्यक्ति)

173. An unscrupulous person who puts experience before principle.- Opportunist (अवसरवादी)

174. From one generation to another. – Hereditary (आनुवंशिक)

175. A period of ten years. – Decade (दशक)

176. A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter – Caricature (कार्टूनवाला, हास्य चित्र बनाना)

177. The state of being miserable bereft of all possessions – Destitute (बेसहारा)

178. That which cannot be called back – Irrevocable (अटल)

179. Something kept as a reminder of an event – Souvenir (यादगार)

180. One who cannot be corrected – Incorrigible (असुधार्य)

181. A general pardon of offenders – Amnesty (अपराध-क्षमा)

182. Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter – Alliteration (अनुप्रास)

183. One who journeys from place to place – Itinerant (रमता)

184. Military waking signal sounded in the morning – Reveille (जागरण संकेत)

185. A woman having more than one husband at the same time – Polyandry (बहुपति प्रथा)

186. A place where nuns live and work- Convent (मठ)

187. A system of government in which only one political party is allowed to function- Totalitarianism (एकदलीय, सर्वसत्तावादी)

188. Customs and habits of a particular group – Mores (रस्म रिवाज)

189. A government by officials- Bureaucracy (नौकरशाही)

190. Hard to understand – Abstruse (गूढ, जटिल)

191. Subtle difference in colour, meaning etc.- Nuance (अति सूक्ष्म अंतर)

192. A place of refuge and safety – Asylum (शरण)

193. A person who eats vegetables and meat. -Non-vegetarian (मांसाहारी)

194. One who believes in oneself. – Egoist (आत्मश्लाघी/ब्रह्मवादी)

195. One who abandons his religious faith. – Apostate (स्वधर्म त्यागी)

196. Something that happens without a cause. – Accident (दुर्घटना)

197. A person whose profession is to keep accounts. – Accountant (लेखाकार/मुनीम

198. Person with whom one is acquainted. -Acquaintance(जान-पहचान वाला व्यक्ति)

199. A set of instruments put together for a purpose. – Apparatus (उपकरण)

200. A ground for the arrival and departure of aeroplanes. – Aerodrome (हवाई हड्‌डा)


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