More than 150 Most Important One Word Substitution for SSC and Various Exams. Part 6

1. Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation – Alimony (भरण-पोषण भत्ता)

2. Specializes in nose diseases – Rhinologist (नासा चिकित्सक)

3. An army officer who is below a captain in rank. – Lieutenant (नौसेना अधिकारी)

4. A junior officer in the navy. – Lieutenant (लैफटैनन्ट)

5. A supreme ruler. – Monarch (बादशाह/राजा/सुल्तान)

6. A pupil who looks after the boys in the class in the absence of the teacher. – Monitor (कक्षा का मॉनिटर)

7. Give off bubbles of gas – Effervesce (बुदबुदाहट)

8. One who is a dabbler in arts, science or lit. erature – Dilettante (कलाप्रेमी)

9. Fear of height – Acrophobia (ऊँचाई का डर)

10. Asking for additional troops of soldiers – Reinforcement (सहायता के लिए नई सेना)

11. Chanting of magic spells – Recitation (पाठ, सस्वर पाठ)

12. Something which is not in harmony- Cacophonous (बेसुरापन)

13. Man with womanly habits and manners- Effeminate (नारी जैसा)

14. Someone unusual or strange, having peculiar notions – Whimsical (मनमौजी)

15. A study of words and the way words de- velop – Philology (भाषा-विज्ञान)

16. Cut or tear into long thin pieces – Slice (टुकड़ा, हिस्सा)

17. A small, fast, continuous shaking move- ment – Vibration (कम्पन)

18. A large fire that is caused by bombs – Firestorm

19. One who always talks about himself – Egotist (अहंवादी)

20. Speaking one’s thoughts aloud to oneself – Soliloquy (आत्मभाषण)

21. One who is recovering from illness – Convalescent (पुनः स्वास्थ्य प्राप्त)

22. Objects possessed of life. – Animate (जीवित/जानदार)

23. A place where people lunch on payment. – Restaurant (भोजनालय/जलपान गृह)

24. One who is qualified to navigate an aircraft. – Navigator (जहाज या हवाई जहाज चलाने वाला)

25. To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a dispute. – Aggravate (उग्र होना/क्रोधित होना)

26. To increase the speed of. – Accelerate (चाल बढ़ाना)

27. A man or woman with skin and hair of au- burn colour. – Blonde (गोरे रंग एवं सुनहरे बालों वाली स्त्री या बालिका)

28. Willful and persistent resistance to lawful authority. – Contumacy (अक्खड़पन/उद्दण्डता/)

29. To spend more than one can usually afford- Splurge (पैसे उडाने की धुन)

30. A group of three books, films etc. that have the same subject or characters – Trilogy (तिकड़ी)

31. The art of preserving skin of animals, birds, fishes – Taxidermy (चर्म प्रसाधन)

32. Belonging or pertaining to an individual from birth. – Congenital (जन्मजात)

33. A person who is insensible to kind thoughts or sympathetic feelings. – Callous (निर्दयी/निर्मोही)

34. One who prescribes medicine. – Physician (चिकित्सक/दवा द्वारा इलाज करने वाला)

35. Total loss of voice. – Aphonia (वाग्रोध/आवाज की रुकावट)

36. A person who starves the body for the good of the soul. – Ascetic (संन्यासी/योगी)

37. Mental derangement. – Paranoia (मानसिक उन्माद/पागलपन)

38. A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised – Jurisdiction (अधिकार क्षेत्र)

39. Instrument which records earth’s tremor – Seismograph (भूकंप सूचक यंत्र)

40. Sudden and violent change – Cataclysm (प्रलय)

41. A person guilty of setting fire to the property. – Arsonist ( सम्पत्ति या घर जलाने का अपराध करने वाला)

42. The art of spelling words correctly. – Orthography (व्याकरण का वर्ण विचार भाग)

43. The act of fixing of a proper position for something. – Orientation (स्वस्थिति निर्धारण/परिस्थितियों के अनुसार ढालने की योग्यता)

44. Science dealing with stamp-collection. – Philately (डाक टिकट एकत्र करने का कार्य)

45. Science of vocal natural sounds. – Phonology (ध्वनि विज्ञान)

46. Statement showing remarkable degree of prediction. – Prophecy (भविष्यवाणी)

47. Study of ancient writings and inscriptions. – Palaeography (प्राचीन शिलालेखों का अध्ययन)

48. A passage marking the close of a speech. – Peroration (व्याख्यान का उपसंहार/लंबा भाषण)

49. A school teacher or a man affecting learn- ing. – Pedagogue (शिक्षक)

50. Some previous example from the past. – Precedent (पूर्व दृष्टान्त/उदाहरण)

51. Application of pasteurism in order to steril- ize milk etc. by exposure to high tempera- ture. – Pasteurisation (कृमियों के नाश करने का तरीका)

52. Former holder of an office or a position. – Predecessor (पूर्व अधिकारी)

53. To mediate; to pander over a question. – Ruminate (किसी विषय/प्रश्न पर अधिक- विचार करना)

54. To give up entirely. – Renounce (त्यागना/अस्वीकार करना)

55. To make thin or fine or to reduce the strength. – Attenuate (दुर्बल करना/शक्ति कम करना)

56. A bad smell or taste. – Foul (बदबुदार)

57. Succession of rulers belonging to one family. – Dynasty (वंशज/वंश उत्तराधिकार)

58. A person having deep study in a language. – Philologist (भाषा विज्ञानी/शब्द शास्त्रज्ञ)

59. One who resists to the end. – Diehard (अंत तक विरोध करने वाला)

60. Practice of employing spies in war- Espionage (जासूसी)

61. A reasoner willing to avail himself of falla- cies that will help his case. – Sophist (झूठी दलील से धोखा देने वाला)

62. A very delicate flaw or mistake which is not expected from the person making it. – Solecism (बोलने या लिखने में अशुद्ध प्रयोग)

63. A symbolic religious ceremony especially baptism. -Sacrament (ईसाइयों का नामकरण संस्कार)

64. Abounding in blood. – Sanguine (उत्साहयुक्त/आशावादी)

65. Over bearing. – Supercilious (गुस्सेवाला/अभिमानी)

66. Communication between mind and other than the known channel of senses. – Telepathy (मानसिक संक्रमण दूर स्थित एक मन का दूसरे पर प्रभाव)

67. The practice of taking exorbitant or exces- sive interest on the money lent. – Usury (सूद खोरी/अधिक व्याज खाने वाला)

68. Sensitiveness to the action of a particular food or medicine. – Allergy (किसी प्रकार के भोजन या दवा से प्रभावित हो जाना)

69. To make better, to improve or to lift to a better place. – Ameliorate सुधार लेना/करना, दुरुस्त होना)

70. By which human form and personality is attributed to God. -Anthropomorphism ( ईश्वर को मनुष्य के आकार का मानने का सिद्धान्त)

71. A mistake in the chronological order or a thing which is out of harmony with a period -Anachronism (काल गणना का भ्रम)

72. A mechanic or craftsman who has acquired skill in a particular craft. – Artisan (शिल्पकार/कारीगर)

73. Any language in speaking only. – Colloquialism ( बोलचाल की शैली/चलती भाषा)

74. To give someone something to make good for loss or damage. – Compensate ( क्षति पूर्ति करना)

75. A man of millions. – Millionaire (लखपति)

76. A person who works in a mine. – Miner (खनिक)

77. A place where coins are made. – Mint (टकसाल वह स्थान जहाँ सिक्के ढाले जाते हैं)

78. Extremely refined in dress, conduct and speech- Fashionable and modernised. – Sophisticated (परिष्कृत व्यक्तियों को अच्छा लगने वाला)

79. Affectedly and pompously formal person or style. – Sententious (प्रभावशाली और ठाट-बाट वाला/आडम्बरी, सूत्रमय)

80. That which surpasses. – Transcendental( अस्पष्ट/गुप्त/श्रेष्ठ)

81. An official record of the proceeding of a meet- ing. – Minutes (सभा की कार्यवाही का विवरण)

82. Reaching the final or the highest point. – Consummation ( समापन/समाप्ति)

83. A man who has lots of investments in the private sector. -Capitalist (पूँजीपति/महाजन)

84. A ruler or boss who uses force in order to make people obey him. – Dictator ( तानाशाह/अधिनायक)

85. One who is engaged in the diplomatic ser- vice of a country. – Diplomat (कूटनीतिज्ञ/राजनयिक)

86. Nature of double dealing. – Duplicity (कपट/छल/घोखा)

87. A person who fails in the performance of his duty or commits an offence. – Delinquent (अपराधी/दोषी)

88. Fruit or sweet-dish usually eaten after the main meals. – Dessert (भोजन के उपरान्त खाये जाने वाले फल, मेवा, मिठाई, आईस्क्रीम आदि)

89. To remove all traces of. – Eradicate (नष्ट करना/जड़ सहित उखाड़ना)

90. A funeral rite. – Funeral/obsequies (अंत्यष्टि)

91. A girl/woman who flirts. – Coquette (नखरेबाज लड़की या स्त्री)

92. A group of talkative girls or women. – Gaggle (स्त्रियों का समूह)

93. A hater of new things. – Misoneist (नयी चीजों से घृणा करने वाला व्यक्ति)

94. A hater of smoking. – Misocapnic (धूम्रपान विरोधी)

95. The murder of one’s wife – Uxoricide (पत्नी हत्या)

96. A large retail store. – Emporium (विक्री केन्द्र)

97. A large destruction by fire. – Holocaust (विध्वंस/अग्निकांड)

98. One who is always seeking to escape from the harsh realities of life. -Escapist

99. To quicken the completion of work. – Expedite (जल्दी करना/शीघ्रता करना)

100. The abandonment of one’s country or cause. – Desertion (त्याग/संबंध विच्छेद)

101. A short, personal account of an interesting event – Anecdote (किस्सा)

102. To do away with a rule. – Abrogate (किसी नियम को आज्ञानुसार हटाना/ रद्द करना)

103. Honesty and uprightness of character. – Integrity (ईमानदारी/सत्यनिष्ठा)

104. A professor who has retired from service. – Emeritus (सेवा से अवकाश प्राप्त परन्तु सम्मानित पद पर बनाये रखे हुए)

105. An unusual bent of mind. – Eccentricity (व्यवहार की विचित्रता)

106. A person who is foolishly fond of one’s wife. -Henpecked/Uxorious (जोरू का गुलाम)

107. The murder of one’s husband. – Mariticide (पति हत्या)

108. The murder of one’s mother – Matricide (मातृ हत्या)

109. A lover of God. – Philotheist (ईश्वरप्रेमी)

110. A lover of learning. – Philomath (विद्याप्रेमी)

111. A lover of women. – Philogynist (स्त्रीप्रेमी)

112. A lover of poetry and art. – Philomuse (कलाप्रेमी/काव्यप्रेमी)

113. A medicine that induces sleep. – Narcotic (नींद लाने वाली दवा)

114. A name derived from father’s name. – Patronymic (पैतृक नाम)

115. That which is not composed of matter. – Incorporeal (आध्यात्मिक)

116. One who cannot die. – Immortal (अमर)

117. A mischievous person. – Scapegrace (मूर्ख व्यक्ति)

118. Any alcoholic drink. – Liquor (मदिरा)

119. A baggage of a traveller. – Luggage (यात्री का सामान)

120. An animal that feeds its young with milk from the female mammary glands. – Mammal (स्तनपायी प्राणी)

121. A female of donkey/horse. – Mare (घोड़ी/गदही)

122. A woman who is in charge of nursing in a hospital. – Matron ( अस्पताल की प्रधान परिचारिका)

123. A magnificent tomb. – Mausoleum (विशाल मकबरा)

124. A medical student. – Medico (डॉक्टरी पढ़ने वाला)

125. A period of one thousand years. – Millennium (एक हजार वर्ष की अवधि)

126. One thousand millions. – Milliard (एक अरब)

127. A thousand times one thousand. – Million (दस लाख)

128. An impudent girl. – Minx (एक ढीठ लड़की)

129. An examiner presiding at some university examinations. – Moderator (विश्वविद्यालय की परीक्षाओं का अध्यक्ष)

130. A building in which monks live. – Monastery (मठ/आश्रम)

131. One who fluently speaks many languages – Polyglot (भाषाविद)

132. A lover of animals. – Philozoic (पशुप्रेमी)

133. A lover of arts. – Philotechnic (कलाप्रेमी)

134. A person who has withdrawn from the world for religious reasons. – Monk (साधु सन्यासी)

135. Two or more than two letters combined in one design. – Monogram (दो या दो से अधिक अक्षरों को मिलाकर बना हुआ डिजाइन)

136. A drama to be performed by a single man. – Monologue (एकपात्री नाटक)

137. A person who brings an action against someone in a court of law – Plaintiff (अभियोक्ता)

138. A woman with dark brown hair – Brunette (श्यामला)

139. The practice of giving best jobs to the mem- bers of one’s family – Nepotism (भाई भतीजावाद)

140. One who finds it easy to produce new and original ideas and things – Creative (रचनात्मक)

141. One who easily gives up his party or principles – Turncoat (दलबदल)

142. A place where clothes are washed and pressed. -Laundry (कपड़े धोने की दुकान)

143. A law making body of a country/state. – Legislature (विद्यायिका)

144. To store and stock – Hoard (जमाखोरी)

145. Study of relations of organisms to one another and to their surroundings – Ecology (पारिस्थितिकी)

146. Boundary of an area – Periphery (परिधि)

147. A war of religions – Crusade (धर्मयुद्ध)

148. A small waterfall or group of waterfalls flowing down a rocky hill side is called – Cascade (झरना)

149. An appearance of objects often simulating the appearance of water – Mirage (मृगतृष्णा)

150. A voice that cannot be heard – Inaudible (न सुनाई देने वाला)

151. High sea waves caused by underwater earthquake – Tsunami (विनाशकारी समुदी लहरें)

152. The art of making fireworks – Pyrotechnics (आतिशबाजी बनाने का गुण)

153. One who hides away on a ship to obtaina free passage – Stowaway (बेटिकट यात्री)

154. A system of governance controller by per- sons of high intellectual ability – Meritocracy (बुद्धिशालियों का राज्य)

156. Clues available at a scene – Circumstantial (ब्योरेवार)

157. The time between midnight and noon – Ante-meridiem (दोपहर से पहले का समय)

158. An unexpected piece of good fortune – Windfall (अप्रत्याशित लाभ)


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